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Syner-Med (Pharmaceutical Products) Limited

Syner-Med (PP) Ltd is a fast-growing company with a track record of supplying medicinal products and medical devices to the NHS for over 27 years. The firm is successful in both product and market development with their focus being bringing niche products within the core therapy areas of Haemodialysis,  Vascular Access and Urology to the NHS and supporting HCPs in delivering excellent and competent patient care. To this end, the company is dedicated to working closely with HCPs, D&TC and the MHRA to find cost effective solutions to create win/win solutions for patients, the NHS and the firm.

Syner-Med (PP) Ltd partners with a network of complementary distribution agents on a wider global footprint.

Syner-Medica Ltd

Syner-Medica Ltd acts as the main interface with national competent authorities with respect to existing and prospective Marketing Authorisation applications (MAs). Syner-Medica Ltd is currently the licence holder for Syner-KINASE® (urokinase) in the UK; a urine derived biological product that is considered to have a well-established use within the European Union.

Syner-Medica Ltd is actively engaged in the preparation of submissions of applications for pipeline products within the core therapy areas of Haemodialysis, Vascular Access and Urology.

Syner-Medica BV

Syner-Medica BV is a wholly owned subsidiary of the group which maintains the lifecycle of the EU licences and the key supply chain relationships for the manufacture of the product Syner-KINASE® (urokinase). Syner-Medica BV is actively engaged in expanding the European footprint of the pharmaceutical product Syner-KINASE® (urokinase) in new Member States.


BioAPI is part of the Syner-Med group of companies for the production of biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (APIs). The main focus of the facility is the production of the API for Syner-KINASE® (urokinase). The facility is located in Lugano, Switzerland and currently holds a valid certificate of GMP compliance from Swissmedic.

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