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“The company is committed to making a positive difference in healthcare delivery and will distinguish itself by providing cost effective and quality products.”

In an industry that is constantly changing, our priorities are, and have always been the same. To find and provide innovative products that effectively address the Healthcare needs of our country. Syner-Med Kenya whole-heartedly support the global pressures on pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase affordability and access, without diminishing innovation and quality.

Syner-Med Kenya believe our customers are pivotal to our success. It is this belief, together with our experience, that drives our company forward despite facing increasing competition.

In 2001 significant changes were made to Syner-Med Kenya management, structure, mission and objectives. A new vision to provide expanded healthcare solutions across a broader spectrum of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) initiated a journey of phenomenal growth. The company has since grown from annual sales of US$240,000 to over US $10 million. Our product range has also expanded from two products in 2001 to 130 products registered and marketed in Kenya in 2012. With our portfolio continuing to develop as we source new innovations and widen our market reach.


Established in 2012 by Dr Benjamin Cuccia (PhD Chemistry) and Mr Dipak Bhatti, Bio API manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for Syner-Med. Based in Lugano, Switzerland, BioAPI is Swiss Medic and MHRA accredited.

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